Ancestral Dynamics

This tool is a collaborative inquiry into the past for answers which may make whole the questions we walk in our life.  We use a variety of practices including deep inquiry, comparing natal charts, transparent communication, and somatic exploration with the intention of integration.

Meditation and Mindfulness

These tools are essential to creating space within our awareness for inquiry and conscious learning.  Without space, we are moving unconsciously driven by the past, conditioning, and reaction.  With space we have a broader, more intimate perspective in which we can observe and respond to life.

Meditation and mindfulness does not only happen when we sit in silence.  Sometimes we need to begin with some movement and in very small doses of noticing and feeling.

Transparent Communication

Thomas Hubl has introduced a beautiful way of learning to relate with ourselves, others, and the world through our felt senses.  We learn to attune to subtle energy which is always present and informative if we can slow down and learn to feel what’s here.

Integrative Astrology

This tool offers a simple and extremely precise way to use the archetypes of astrology to begin the process of integrating our fragmented and wounded parts.  This is a supportive and self-directed line of inquiry into the key components of what’s living in your physical, emotional, and mental awareness.  We use this tool together to develop the capacity to feel, attune, and respond to life.

Embodied Awareness

This tool helps to bring awareness from a fragmented mental state into a more whole embodied synchronization with our physical, emotional, and mental awareness.  We use inquiry, mindfulness, movement, role play, and more to reconnect our system in a safe and integrative way.

Conscious Healing for Parents

This tool is a valuable integration process for parents in becoming more conscious and aware of what drives the relational qualities with their children.  We are so often unconsciously repeating the past and missing what’s real in our children.  We use deep inquiry, ancestral dynamics, transparent communication, and more to presence our awareness and really see our children.