Ancestral Dynamics

We didn’t begin at birth.  Our bodies alone are hundreds of thousands if not billions of years in the making.  The elements which make up this material existence were flowing through our ancestors blood vessels generation after generation.  It took thousands and thousands of people to live, experience, learn, fail, hurt, adapt, and change to create you as life and me as life. We are supported in each moment by what came before us, as we support what will carry on from here.

What drives you?

What parts of life do you sacrifice for security?

What were you conditioned to believe that is not actually true?

What are your ancestral resources and support mechanisms?




Let’s Find Out!

I have several tools for revealing ancestral dynamics in a safe and integrative way:

  • Developmental Attunement
  • Embodied Awareness
  • Somatic Word Charts
  • Integrative Astrology – Composite Charts