Conscious Healing For Parents

Parents are sacred aspects of our natural order.  Healing our wounds which have been passed from generation to generation has a profound impact on our children’s future and for all future generations. There is no more important work than parenting.  

Together, we can use tools such as :

  • transparent communication

  • presencing

  • deep inquiry

  • developmental attunement

  • ancestral dynamics  

to go to the roots of our behavior, parenting techniques, triggers, and core patterns from the past which keep us stuck and unhealthy in our relation with our children.

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Here are some questions to ask yourself as a person and a parent:

  • Am I open to seeing my child fresh each day?

  • Am I willing to allow them to feel what’s real?

  • Can I feel my pain and be present with them in their pain?

  • Can I walk with them without knowing?

These questions are walking questions.  This means, each day we are checking in and asking ourselves if they’re true.


To heal the parent is to heal the child.

Generational Trauma

Until we melt our frozen and unconscious parts, the past is continuing to repeat itself.

Practice Groups for Transparent Communication

Support is the most beneficial tool in life.  Parenting is so important and so challenging and support is crucial.  Our practice group is a safe and loving way to share your challenges and precious moments  while learning the immense value of transparent communication.  Please contact me for more information by filling out this contact form or email me directly at