Join Our Study in Understanding the World of Autism

This is a qualitative study that will look in depth at the astrological signatures of the child with autism, as well as their parent or parents. This study will be conducted in a discovery manner based on the charts and information obtained, but will also have some key areas in which the questions asked are directed. Some of those are:

1. Areas of life in which the child has difficulties functioning
2. Key dates or ages in which significant changes occurred
3. Areas of life in which the parent has had challenges
4. Areas of life the child thrives
5. Areas of life the parent feels like they’ve grown

These are some of the topics being looked at in the study. The requirements to participate are:

1. You must have a child that has an official autism diagnosis.
2. Your child must have been born during or after the year 1985.
3. You must include the child’s and the parent’s birth time, birth date, and birth city from an official birth certificate.
4. You must include at least one of the parent’s official birth information, but it doesn’t have to be both parents.
5. You must be willing to answer a detailed questionnaire and participate in at least one hour and a half long session via Skype, Zoom, or over the phone.

If you are chosen to participate you will receive a one and a half hour long session discussing you and your child’s astrological charts, a written report outlining the data collected and findings, a copy of the study once completed, and first priority consideration on further research collected.

If you’d like to apply click below. Please answer all questions giving details where asked on the application.