Integrative Astrology

Sensory Integration and Decoding the Archetypes of the Zodiac

What’s offered here is an integrative approach to astrology in which we take the basic components of the natural zodiac archetypes called “keywords” and find out how they live in our physical body, emotional body, and mental body.  The archetypes, which are twelve representatives of the developmental processes we experience in our life on earth, are each made up of many concepts.  Each concept is made up of Keywords, such as “exploration, needs, belonging, self-expression, self-analysis, relation, and much more”.

We use the placements in your natal chart to point to an archetype.  Then we use somatic word charts to choose a keyword from that archetype and we explore together the sensations, emotions, and mental activity that arises as we feel into the word.  

This process opens up the layers of information that live in our conscious and unconscious past, present, and emerging edge of creative experience. This sensory integration process helps us include parts of ourselves that have been frozen or fragmented.  We also develop our interoception, or ability to feel internally.

This work takes courage and helps to build resilience by looking at what’s really here in each moment, even though it’s often not comfortable to look.  We simply and profoundly look together, and safely use a bottom up approach to explore and feel with compassion what’s living in us and driving our behavior, thoughts, and relationships.

We use movement, group work, and individual work with a practitioner to both expand our awareness and embody more and more of our existence.

Watch the video below to get a taste of what’s being offered and how interoception helps us to live a more healthy life.



About Integrative Astrology

What does an integrative astrology session look like?

1. We will use your natal chart to find an archetype that you resonate with and –

2. We use the somatic word charts to focus your awareness  into your physical and emotional body and check in with what’s happening when you feel into the keywords.  By doing this together, we open channels in both of our nervous systems safely so that more light and awareness can come in.

3. We coregulate our sensations and emotions so that you are fully supported and able to observe your own internal processes.

4. We build resilience and become able to process our daily sensations and emotions that are usually denied, but live in waiting for the slightest trigger.

5. We develop a new understanding and a capacity to feel.

Here is an example of a somatic word chart that we use to see what’s here now in our body, emotions, and mind.