Steps for Feeling Sensations and Emotions:

  1. Ground yourself by feeling your body.  Feel your feet touching the floor, your belly, your shoulders, and your head.
  2. Become aware of your awareness or observer, and that you are here now.
  3. Specify what you are feeling by focusing on one sensation only.
  4. Gently observe the feeling or emotion. Don’t force anything. Notice its qualities. Don’t try to change it.
  5. Notice where in your body the sensation occurs.
  6. Remain the non judgmental witness. There are no rights or wrongs.
  7. If you like, you can follow your awareness deeper into the feeling. 
  8. If you feel overwhelmed, step back and feel your feet on the ground and rub your fingers together.
  9. Stay with this process as long as you remain curious and give it all your attention.  
  10. Allow your body to experience and release any energy as needed through movement, sighing, crying, laughing, or anything that you feel comfortable allowing.

Go gently and slowly with inclusion and kindness.  This is a process of developing a feeling muscle.  It takes time.  Your body knows what to do.  Ask for support if you feel overwhelmed.  This is a natural process that knows the way when we allow it to flow. Much love and support on your journey.

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