Base Components of Aquarius

Aquarius/Uranus/11th House is the eleventh archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents liberation from the Saturnian field. Uranus in the chart can represent a desire to break free from the archetype in which it’s found.  Or it can represent trauma from the past.  Aquarius goes beyond the Gemini archetype of mental function to the ever existing memory function.  This is also where inventiveness and ingenuity arises.  Related Concepts – Technology, Astrology, Trauma Signatures, Genius, Transformation, Liberation


One side of the Aquarius Spectrum

Aquarius is about liberating from the existing condition.  It can represent physical moving of home and also shake ups in jobs, marriages, and circumstances in general.  Aquarius is about becoming individuated and authentic for the good of the whole.  In the least it’s about breaking out of the box.

The Other Side of the Aquarius Spectrum

Aquarius induces change which can be scary.  It is also about detaching from the emotions that bind us to situations.  In some cases Uranus or Aquarius can represent trauma in the chart.