Base Components of Aries

Aries/Mars/1st House is the first archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents the birth of consciousness from the womb and all that is (Pisces) into the world of form.  This is where instinctual action happens.  First comes a desire and then movement in pursuit of the desire.  There is no contemplation at this stage. Only an unconscious propulsion forward in a direction. Related concepts – actuation, impulse, motive force, will, drive


One side of the Aries Spectrum

Aries is about self-discovery.  It is the archetype in which we explore the outer world of matter and form. It’s the desire to touch the shiny object and the jumping off of the bed just because.  It’s the wanting to be first, seeing how fast you can run, and the grabbing of the flower because you have to sense it with more than just your eyes. It’s the need to be free to rome and try.

The Other Side of the Aries Spectrum

Aries is also the archetype in which our exploration can take us to the unknown.  Here we can experience anxiety and fear.  With this fear we can feel blocked from our desire or path forward and experience a lack of freedom.  This can lead to anger.  This is where through Aries we start to learn about ourselves in relation to other.  Because Aries wants freedom above all, the incoming desires can take precedense over all else and may be considered selfish. It’s not until survival is in question that we move on to Taurus.

Aries shows up in you and your child when:

~ you try something new

~ every time you take action

~ you instinctively do something

~ you’re motivated

~ you lead others

~ you are driven by will

Aries shows up in you and your child when:

 ~ you feel blocked by some obstacle

 ~ you are anxious about trying

 ~ you blow up without thinking

 ~ you’re feeling trapped

 ~ you insist on your way

 ~ you are driven by anger