Base Components of Cancer

Cancer/Moon/4th House is the fourth archetype in the natural zodiac. In evolutionary astrology it represent the image we have of ourselves or our self-identity based on a accumulated set of beliefs and experiences.  This is where your name, gender, and all labels are absorbed into a perceived persona.  This archetype also relates to the mother or most nurturing parent, the home environment, early childhood, and the emotional body. Related concepts – nuture, emotional security, parents, self-perception, home


One side of the Cancer Spectrum

Cancer is about self-identity or who you believe yourself to be.  It is the separate self and all of its component aspects.  We obtain much of this information from our perception of our mother and a baby and young child.  Cancer represents the perception we have of our mother.  This archetype can be very nuturing, welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, a caretaker, and protector.  This is where we appreciate the comforts of home and memories of childhood.  Both parents can be represented here as how the child was raised.

The Other Side of the Cancer Spectrum

Cancer is also the archetype of emotional insecurity.  This archetype can accompany troubles at home, fears of abandonment, mother related trauma, and identity crises.