Base Components of Capricorn

Capricorn/Saturn/10th House is the tenth archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents the structure of reality.  It is a yin, earth energy that formulates all of our boundaries.  In the context of our mind it represents judgement and authority, wisdom, and conditioning.  Capricorn is also our societal structure, rules, and traditions.  Related concepts – grandparents, parents/authority, time, laws and regulations, career


One side of the Capricorn Spectrum

Capricorn is the structure of what we know as life here on earth.  When we set out to accomplish a task, we use Saturn principles to achieve it such as time, discipline, hard work, organization, and learning from the past.  Capricorn represents all of the conditioning we are subjected to by our parents, society, and nature.  This archetype is dependable, responsible for its actions, and dedicated.

The Other Side of the Capricorn Spectrum

Capricorn can also be judgemental if it feels that something is wrong or not rational.  It can refuse to take responsibility or adhere to limits and expectations on time.  It can dominate and enforce.  Depression is associated with this archetype because it is related to judgement and living in the past.