How Can a Chart Deepen My Connection With My Child?


Great minds such as Carl Jung, Ptolemy, Rudhyar, and Nostradamus have used astrology in their contemplations of human existence.  Today, experienced therapists have followed in Jung’s footsteps and use the natal chart to look for unconscious and conscious patterns that their clients struggle with throughout their lives.  In my coaching practice, I use the birth chart as a guide to help individuals see their patterns from the past, growth trajectories, and essential needs so they can move forward with more guidance and awareness. Learning about your child’s birth chart is like having exposure to the blueprints on how they operate.

Working with parents and their children is a great honor that I take very seriously.  I don’t believe in trying to use predictive astrology with a child’s chart.  But I do know from experience with my own children’s charts that the depth of understanding that can come from looking into their placements and correlating that with what is happening now or patterns from the past is invaluable and has the potential to heal lifetimes of trauma not only for themselves but also for the parent.

Discover Tools to Help Your Child

Working with my children’s charts and the archetypes has helped me understand their needs on a much deeper level.  To find out more about your child book a session by clicking below.

Your Child's Mars Placement

Your child’s Mars/Aries placements can tell you a lot about what areas of life that come instinctually to them, or that they may need more freedom discovering for themselves.

Your Child's Venus Placement

Your child’s Venus/Taurus placements can tell you a great deal about how they meet their own needs in life, how they build competences, and relate to the world.

Your Child's Lunar Nodes Placement

The Lunar nodes are rich in information about the areas of life your child will be heavily focused on developing.