Base Components of Gemini

Gemini/Mercury/3rd House is the 3rd archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents the mental labeling and processing of our environment and experience.  This is where thinking and communicating happens.  First comes a exploration, evaluation of our situation, and then mental labeling and processing.  There is  comparison and gathering of knowledge at this stage. The labeling of concepts helps us to communicate with others about our needs. Related concepts – accuity, eagerness to learn, mental capacity, early education, immediate evironment


One side of the Gemini Spectrum

Gemini is about learning and communicating.  It is the archetype in which we are eager to be taught by books, teachers, or any medium of information. It’s the desire to know and compare what you know to other things to draw conclusions.  It’s being able to move from one source of knowledge to another to expand your knowledge. It’s communicating your knowledge and needs in a way that is understood by others.

The Other Side of the Gemini Spectrum

Gemini is also the archetype in which we have trouble learning.  Here we can experience the knowledge of information but the inability to explain or communicate it in a comprehensible way.  We can also be so distracted by the numerous sources of information that we don’t learn anything in depth or are unable to have a meaningful conversation about a topic.  Or someone can be affected by using talking as a form of protection which can irritate others.