Base Components of Leo

Leo/Sun/5th House is the fifth archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents the life force within us. This is where our creativity and self-expression happens.  Leo is a yang energy that is outward flowing as well as fire which is about action.  When Leo is expressing in our chart we want to shine. Related concepts – actuation, impulse, motive force, will, drive


One side of the Leo Spectrum

Leo is the archetype of purpose and integration of the Cancer developed self-identity.  This is where we integrate our circumstances. The healthy Leo is expressing itself from a fullness that naturally shares itself, its creativity, and aliveness.  It wants others to see and validate.  If it applies the polarity of the Aquarian archetype and expresses in a way that benefits the whole, it will be supported and revered.

The Other Side of the Leo Spectrum

Leo can suffer from an under developed or insecure self-identity from Cancer and long for validation and suffer from egocentrism or narcissism.  Delusions of grandeur happen easily in the face of needing validation and wanting to feel important. Shyness can also be a result.  Leo benefits from the polarity of aquarius and the individuation process in these cases.  Leo can also be pushy and aggressive when they feel better than everyone else.  Here is where we move into Virgo and learning to be humble.