Base Components of Libra

Libra/Venus/7th House is the seventh archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents the desire to relate with other socially through personal relationships or things such as work.  Libra is an air sign which is yang and cardinal.  So it is outward moving and initiatory.  It is learning about yourself through the relating with other.  Balance is the goal, but Libra must learn to find balance by experiencing extremes. Related concepts – listening, codependency, fairness, work partners


One side of the Libra Spectrum

Libra is the first archetype that experiences objective awareness verses subjective.  So this archetype is about giving verses taking.  It is about listening verses expressing. But it doesn’t exclude expressing.  It just strives for equality.  By observing others, we learn about ourselves, much like looking in a mirror.

The Other Side of the Libra Spectrum

Libra is also the archetype of extremes.  Part of Libra is learning to set boundaries.  In Virgo, the energy is designed to acclimate the person to the bottom of the pyramid, verses the top in Leo.  But in Libra, the person is learning to set boundaries and become an equal.  Libra energy can be codependent relying on the other person for a sense of survival or to meet the needs of loneliness.