Base Components of Pisces

Pisces/Neptune/12th House is the twelfth  archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents coming home and the Source of everything.  The energy in yin and water.  This archetype is all and nothing.  Pisces will encourage the ultimate meaning in things verses the polarity of Virgo which is focused on the details.  Where Neptune is found, feelings of compassion usually exist, but one can also feel profoundly lost. Related Concepts – Surrender, the unconscious, addiction, self-sacrifice, God


One side of the Pisces Spectrum

Pisces is about compassion and surrender.  Virgo is only relieved of its extreme self-criticism by Pisces compassion for the self.  It can be dream like, artistic, musical, and full of love. 

The Other Side of the Pisces Spectrum

Pisces can also feel lost in the crowd. Self-sacrifice is a natural tendency here but can become harmful.  There can also be feelings of wanting to escape which can lead to addictions.