Base Components of Sagittarius

Sagittarius/Jupiter/9th House is the nineth archetype in the natural zodiac. It is a fire and yang energy.  After the deep searching inward in Scorpio, we are drawn to form a new cosmological truth.  This is Sagittarius, the forming of those beliefs based on what you’ve discovered about yourself in Scorpio and then what you find in the world in Sagittarius.  So much of your belief system is based on your culture and the world around you.  Related concepts – travel, other cultures and religions, beliefs, adventure, intuition


One side of the Sagittarius Spectrum

Sagittarius is about expanding your beliefs beyond just your little immediate environment and conditioning. Jupiter is expansive and brings expansion to other archetypes.  Sagittarius tries to consider many points of view and is therefore fairly light hearted.  Travel, food, other cultures, other religions, and philosphies are all part of Sagittarius. It is also your intuitive function.  This is where you just know, not based on intellectual knowledge.

The Other Side of the Sagittarius Spectrum

Sagittarius is also a teacher, but can become too fixated on a belief and try to impose those onto others. A person can get an over-inflated idea that its their way or no way.  The polarity, Gemini, teaches that truth has many faces.