Base Components of Scorpio

Scorpio/Pluto/8th House is the eighth archetype in the natural zodiac. In evolutionary astrology it represents the soul’s core evolutionary desire. It’s deepest emotional, unconscious, and psychological make-up. Scorpio is a yin, water energy.  Words that describe it best are transmutation, death and rebirth, merging and abandonment, power and disempowerment, commitment and betrayal.  Words that correlate – marriage, shared needs and support, intimacy, psychology


One side of the Scorpio Spectrum

Scorpio is about transmutation.  Up until this point in the natural zodiac, we have lived to experience the outer world.  Scorpio explores the inner world, the depths of our psychology.  The process by which we are encouraged to look at how our mind works seems harsh but it’s usually not until something stops working or breaks that we choose to find the cause.  This is Scorpio, finding the answers and the power within.

The Other Side of the Scorpio Spectrum

There are different aspects of Scorpio depending on the stage of evolution.  It can at it’s worst be abuse, abandonment, and betrayal.  Extreme disempowerment and desire for change lead to an inner journey and seeking of your true nature.  And eventually, the catepillar transmutes into the butterfly.  This is the evolved Scorpio who is committed, trustworthy, and powerful from an inner knowing of their true nature.