Base Components of Taurus

Taurus/Venus/2nd House is the 2nd archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents the idea that we must discover and utilize behaviors and resources to survive. This is where we form our needs. First comes an assessment of the outer circumstances.  Then a self-assessment of skills, natural talents, and resources is used to foremost survive.  During these assessments we form beliefs about survivability and then comfortability.  This is where we form values. For example, “it’s good to keep my opinions nonconfrontational so that people will accept me.”  Or, “taking charge will give me the advantage in the group.”  Related concepts – self-reliance, the physical body, sexual instincts, our relationship to money


One side of the Taurus Spectrum

Taurus is about what we need to survive and be comfortable.  It is the archetype in which we self- assess. It’s the the needs that others project onto us and we onto them, the desire to procreate, and the inherent resourses we were born with.  It’s learning what makes us comfortable and how to achieve that and maintain it.  It’s becoming self-reliant and self-sustaining.  It’s valuing things that are of service to our comfort and survival. 

The Other Side of the Taurus Spectrum

Taurus is also the archetype in which our perceived survival needs can make us feel insecure.  Here we can experience anxiety, lack, and fear.  We can feel like we don’t have what it takes to survive or thrive.  Alternatively, sometimes we can find a place of comfort and become stuck there, not wanting to risk insecurity.  This can lead to stubborness and disinterest in moving forward.  This is when life and it’s ever expanding nature push us out of our comfort zone.  A very natural way to avoid that push when stuck is found with the next archetype of Gemini and learning about new areas of focus.

Taurus shows up in you and your child when:

~ you meet your own needs

~ every time you value something

~ you utilize money or any form of barter

~ you feel like you own or possess things

~ you protect yourself

~ you believe a behavior will add to your well-being

Taurus shows up in you and your child when:

~ you feel lack about resources or money

~ you are insecure about your physical well-being or safety

~ you only feel comfortable when you possess more than others

~ you’re feeling stuck but afraid to take risks

~ you insist on your way and your values