Transparent Communication

For more information about joining a practice group for transparent communication, contact us below and/or follow us on social media. 

If you are interested in learning to connect with those you love, work with, and yourself on a deeper, more authentic, and meaningful level, then join the thousands of people who are learning about Transparent Communication. This work was created by modern mystic, founder of the Academy of Inner Science,and innovator in the field of collective trauma, Thomas Hübl.

“In this practice group, you’ll learn what it means to tune in to these multiple levels of information. Through contemplative practices and the development of subtle competencies you will improve your capacity to be present and available to receive more of the information that is all around you.
When you train in the mystical art of transparent communication, you’ll refine your knowledge and understanding of space, presence, energy, and movement while awakening within the social and relational field of your life.”-Thomas Hübl