Base Components of Virgo

Virgo/Mercury/6th House is the sixth archetype in the natural zodiac. It represents the yin energy of looking inward and adjusting to perfect one’s self.  It’s an earth sign, feminine, and mutable. Virgo is a transition archetype from subjective awareness to objective awareness.  The Leo archetype brought out the expression of the individual.  Now the Virgo archetype must humble it in a natural adjustment toward learning to relate to others.  Virgo represents our health, organization, and service to others.  Related concepts – Self-analysis, purification, crisis, self-improvement, serving others


One side of the Virgo Spectrum

Virgo naturally humbles the inflated ego of Leo.  It is an energy of self-anaysis and perfecting.  The ego changes through this process to perceive itself as an equal verses superior to others.  Virgo has great focus and can be very detail oriented in nature.  Because this energy is focused on equality, it learns to serve others.  It also has a healing quality to it.  The healthy Virgo archetype is observant, always improving itself, organized, simplified, humble, and helpful.

The Other Side of the Virgo Spectrum

Virgo can also be self-critical and a perfectionist.  Getting things right can lead to over-bearing and obsessive behavior.  Virgo learns through crisis. This is where it finds it’s polarity in Pisces of the ultimate meaning and surrender.